Code Of Conduct

  1. All swimmers to arrive promptly for each training session and be ready to swim at the appropriate start time. Persistent late arrival, without prior agreement of the Coach, will result in disciplinary action which can consist of verbal warning, written warning and/or exclusion from training sessions.
  2. Any swimmer absent from training sessions for a prolonged period without valid reason, e.g. such as illness or exams, will have their membership referred to the Committee for review.
  3. Whenever due notice is given, swimmers must advise the Team Manager at least 7 days prior to a gala if they are unavailable, or at the earliest opportunity in the case of illness.
  4. Persistent failure to attend galas when invited or participate in the Club Championships will result in the swimmer’s membership being reviewed by the Committee in conjunction with the Head Coach/Squad Coach.
  5. Swimmers who are representing the Club at team league galas are expected to remain on poolside for the duration of the gala. Only in exceptional circumstances, and with the prior authorisation of the Team Manager, will the swimmer be allowed to leave early.
  6. Swimmers must remember that at any gala they are the Club’s representatives and that their conduct and behaviour must be such that the Club’s reputation is not brought into disrepute. This also applies to conduct in the changing rooms at our training pools.
  7. Officials, coaches and other swimmers should be respected and treated with manners and consideration. Do not argue with the Referee or other Officials’ decisions – your Coach is your first point of contact and will make any representations on your behalf.
  8. When representing the Club swimmers must wear a Club ‘E’ hat and team kit as directed by the Club and Coach.
  9. Swimmers are expected to be available to represent the Club in preference to attending an Open or Graded gala, unless otherwise agreed by the Head Coach.
  10. Swimmers attending Open Galas should ensure that their official times are forwarded to the Club Team Manager for inclusion in the Club’s database.
  11. Any swimmer who is not first claim to EFDSC may have their training sessions restricted.
  12. Parents wishing to discuss swimming matters with their child’s coach should do so at a mutually agreed time. This meeting must not take place during a training session.
  13. Listen to your Coach, co-operate with them, tell them of any reason you may not be swimming your best. Respect your Coach/Teacher and they will respect you back.
  14. Treat all other swimmers as you would like to be treated. Do not interfere with, bully or take any unfair advantage of any other swimmer. If you have any problems speak to your Coach.
  15. The use of bad language or behaviour at any time in or around the vacinity of a pool being used by the club will not be tolerated.

REMEMBER - the aims of the sport are to swim for yourself and for the enjoyment of it, have fun, improve your skills and feel good!

Additional reading: ASAs WAVEpower document containing code of conduct information